About Us

Achieving excellence in the construction sector requires more than experience . It requires commitment, passion for quality and the courage of facing the challenges of the future. YUSRI MAJU SENDIRIAN BERHAD have been built based on all of these important fundamentals .

Initially the company was set up in the name of YUSRI MAJU ENTERPRISE on 12th October 2003 . The company was registered under the Contractor Service Centre ( PKK ) as a contractor grade "F " and also registered with the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB ) . However, this company then received an offer to be upgraded to the contractor class " C " . In fact, the company has been registered with some other government department such as Semi Goverment and State Development Department .

However, after SIX YEARS standing on thanks to the efforts of entrepreneurs MR MOHD YUSRI BIN MUHAMMAD NOR, the company is spreading its wings and elevate the company to YUSRI MAJU SENDIRIAN BERHAD on 21 January 2008 . While YUSRI MAJU ENTERPRISE was used as a subsidiary of YUSRI MAJU SENDIRIAN BERHAD.

On this day the company has been able to step in the construction field and managed to combine the latest construction technology with the dedication of its workforce with the aim of becoming one of the progressive construction company and believed in the East Coast .