About Yusri Maju

To Be A Global Corporate Business Entity In Engineering And Its Business Chain

YMSB was set up in year 2003 as an entity known as Yusri Maju Enterprise. The company was originally established to provide road construction services producing high quality projects.

YMSB is managed by local experienced, highly skilled and professional staff in management, engineering and technical fields to achieve their “Vision and Mission”.

It has incorporated good working practices and knowledge-system in current market conditions and understands customers’ needs and wants. It has incorporated good working practices and knowledge-system in current market conditions and understands customers’ needs and wants.

YMSB has been identified as a High Performing Bumiputera Companies (TERAS) under Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU) and obtained recognition and certification from various authorized body in industry. Under the program, it is proven that the company has been aiming for excellent service and high productivity to serve their customers.


To be a global corporate business entity in engineering and its business chain


We are local to global corporate business entity
• Engineering, manufacturing & services are our core business.
• Using latest research and technology throughout business chain is one of our main values.
• Continuing best integrity in services and networking is our strength.


Every YMSB citizen should assume the obligation to perform the task entrusted with integrity. This is the most basic trait because every officer and staff are given the responsibility to achieve company’s goal.

Management Team

Mohd Yusri

Managing Director

Yusri is the owner and founder of Yusri Maju Sdn Bhd. He has vast experience and expert knowledge in road construction industry and related civil engineering work.


General Administration

Norusyedah handles office general administration, project contract management and marketing aspect. She has been with YMSB since its incorporation.

Mohd Saupi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Saupi is responsible for ensuring the smoothness of YMSB’s operation. Saupi has been with Yusri Maju Sdn Bhd since 2012.

Wan Khairul Anwar

Chief Financial Officer

Wan Khairul was appointed as CFO in 2015. As CFO he takes care of the company’s financial management as well as other corporate issues.

Khairul Annuar

Chief Operation Officer

Khairul oversees all operation of YMSB’s projects in Klang Valley since 2013. Khairul brings with him more than 20 years of experience in roadworks, infrastructure and property development.

Mohd Syukri

General Manager

Mohd Syukri is the General Manager of Marketing Department. He joined our Group in his present capacity as General Manager of Project Operation

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