The principal activity is that road line marking (center, edge, zebra crossing, and bump) using thermoplastic material, trading and supply of road furniture and safety equipment such as road signs, road cones, blinker, road stud, flexible post as well as supply and install high quality guardrail / handrail according to the needs and requirements of customers. We aimed at providing excellent service in producing high productivity to customers, the Company has a high commitment and strongly emphasizes on quality in services


Be a minor companyunder Yusri Maju Sdn Bhd that is a proactive teams, dynamics and experts in the field of "Roadmarking & Road Safety Equipment"


Committed to providing customers with the good quality of services and finish the projects given in a good condition and times.

Ensure that employees are always in a good health and motivated to constantly productive everyday.


The main goals Yusri Maju Trading Sdn Bhd are:
> Deal more efficients and professionaly with our customers
> Handling situations in accordances with corporate policies through work ethics and trustworthy connections between suppliers and clients.
> Offer a hight quality services while utilizing a variety of marketing strategies.
>Always alert and prepared for any changes plan and emergency cases.


"Committed, Dynamic and Safe"